“Got You Covered Period” Week

During the week of October 18th, Georgia STOMP partnered with Representative Kim Schofield for her “Got You Covered Period Week.” The week began with a round table discussion hosted by Rep. Schofield and moderated by Georgia STOMP Chair, Claire Cox. The discussion featured Congresswoman Grace Meng, sponsor of the federal “Menstrual Equity for All” Act. Legislators from Washington state, Florida, North Carolina, Louisiana, Iowa and Georgia participated in a conversation examining what has been accomplished in other states and the barriers remaining.

On Tuesday, Board Member, Aanika Eragam, represented Georgia STOMP on an Instagram Live with Rep. Schofield’s team. Aanika shared her menstruation experiences and advocacy leadership with interns from Rep. Schofield’s office. “Working with Rep. Schofield was a valuable opportunity to reach young menstruators,” Aanika said.

Wednesday, Claire Cox and Ashley Boyle attended the Facebook live with Rep. Schofield to discuss advocacy efforts in Georgia with Rep. Schofield’s team. The week concluded on Thursday with a Candid Conversation which offered an opportunity for participants to discuss their menstruation experiences across their lifespan.

“Got You Covered Period Week” was an excellent opportunity to connect with legislators dedicated to promoting menstrual equity throughout the country and for Georgia STOMP to reach a larger audience about its work. Thank you for the opportunity, Rep. Schofield!

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