Always Names Macon Periods Easier a “Period Hero”


In a celebratory press conference Thursday, Georgia STOMP coalition member, Macon Periods Easier announced “Macon is one of five cities nationwide – and the only one in Georgia – that will be receiving national help to address lack of menstrual supplies and fight period poverty. The work of Macon Periods Easier (MPE) has drawn the attention of Always, a global menstrual care brand, which is donating 35,000 feminine care pads to the organization that it calls one of the “Period Heroes” leading efforts to end period poverty for school-aged girls in their communities.”

Macon Periods Easier now distributes products in every Bibb County public school, as well as to recreation centers and the local health department.

Nationally recognized Superintendent of Bibb County School District, Dr. Curtis Jones, was present to acknowledge the importance of this work and supplying menstrual products in school.


2019 National School Superintendent of the Year Dr. Curtis Jones

Speaking of his numerous years involved in public schools, including 10 years as a Superintendent, Jones said, “the best way for students to be successful is to be in school and one of my jobs is to get all the barriers out of the way.”  In speaking of Bibb County’s effort to increase its graduation rate to 90% by 2025, he continued, “this effort is one of the additional partnerships that we have that I think will make us be successful” and to the young women present in the audience at the press conference, he turned and said, “You don’t have to stay home. We have support for you.”

Congratulations to Macon Periods Easier for a highly successful year! Georgia STOMP is proud to work with coalition members who demonstrate menstrual products provided in schools DO make a difference in the ability for young women to learn and be valuable, productive members of their communities.

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