November Coalition Summit Gathering


Rep. Debbie Buckner and Sen. Tonya Anderson with some of the participants in the November 30th Coalition Summit.

On November 30th, members of Georgia STOMP assembled in Macon for a second time to discuss the coalition’s progress during the six months since its May meeting. The group had grown, with additional legislators, an energized Junior League presence, the addition of League of Women Voters – Macon and period supply groups in Georgia, and strengthened college representation.

Whereas the focus of the May meeting was strictly on the elimination of Georgia’s sales tax, the discussions in November expanded to include a wide range of issues related to period poverty, menstrual equity and facilitating access in public facilities, particularly schools, prisons and following natural disasters.

The coalition officially adopted the name Georgia STOMP (Stop Tax On Menstrual Products) and its logo, designed by Rubi McGrory of Project Period – Savannah.

Priorities for 2019:

  1. Elimination of State Sales Tax on Menstrual Products – carried by Rep. Debbie Buckner.
  2. School Pilot Study to show needs of students in Georgia public schools – carried by Rep. Kim Schofield.
  3. Work with GEMA to align the list of basic-needs supplies eligible for purchase with their funds after an emergency with FEMA’s list, and meet with GEMA leadership to assist supply chain and storage of period products after a disaster.



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