GEMA Rule Change – Buckner Report

A Report This Morning from Rep. Debbie Buckner:

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to relate the need to change the GEMA rules to mirror the FEMA rules to Appropriations Chair Rep Terry England at a meeting with the Governor’s Chief of staff Chris Riley yesterday. When I explained the importance of  including menstrual products as a part of the Basic Human Needs package in GEMA’s operation plan, Riley suggested arranging a meeting with Director Home Bryson to discuss further.

That meeting was held this morning at 9:30. I gave Director Bryson a copy of the documents Adele Stewart assembled and he agreed to have his attorney review and draft potential rule changes for his board to present at their next meeting.

Director Bryson then talked about the need to work with volunteers to improve GEMA’s service delivery system in the future. Bryson would like to meet with representatives of GeorgiaSTOMP in the future to discuss ways to better meet basic human needs of women during times of emergencies.

He also promised to notify me what and when the changes are adopted.
I think this is good news! Rep. Jones,  Oliver, Anulewicz, Burnough, Gardner, & Dempsey were all very helpful with is effort!

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