HB731 Conclusion



HB 731

HB 731 eliminating state sales tax on feminine hygiene products did not make it beyond Crossover Day and is thus dead for the 2018 Legislative session.

Sponsored by a statewide coalition of women’s groups, spearheaded by Georgia Women (And Those Who Stand With Us) and including the Junior Leagues of Georgia State Public Affairs Committee, this bill sought a remedy for an obvious inequity: women, who are already at an economic disadvantage in our state, are taxed on a product that is a necessity, not a choice, and for which there is no male equivalency. Feminine hygiene products are classified as medical devices by the FDA and our state legislature has given exemptions to similar items in the past.

In a year when we gave big corporations and tobacco users tax reductions, why could this easy fix to an unfair tax on women not be made? At a time when gubernatorial candidates were calling for a sales tax holiday on guns and ammo, who was thinking about the mothers and daughters in our state?

This bill enjoyed strong bipartisan support (4 R and 3 D Original Signers) and much appreciation is due to Rep. Debbie Buckner and Rep. Allen Peake for their leadership on this issue.

Our coalition is absolutely returning to the legislature next year.
Perhaps we need to send some more women to ATL in 2019!


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