Georgia SPAC Capitol Day 2018

by Gennie Long, Public Affairs Chair and SPAC Delegate for Junior League of Savannah, 2017-2018

Georgia SPAC Capitol Day 2018

On February 7, 2018, the Junior Leagues of Georgia State Public Affairs Committee (“SPAC”) held their annual Capitol Day at the Georgia State Capitol.  Capitol Day for the Junior Leagues of Georgia SPAC included speakers, meetings with the legislators, and even a picture with the Governor.


One of the issues that sparked the most interest with SPAC representatives was HB 731 – Feminine Hygiene Sales Tax Exemption.  Adele Stewart, a member of the Junior League of Savannah, presented to SPAC the importance of why this tax exemption should be law and how it could impact the community.  Adele shared that menstrual products are classified as medical devices by the FDA and that medical devices in Georgia are excluded from sales taxes. As such, Georgia should include feminine products in the classification of medical devices and exempt such products from sales tax.  Adele also explained that feminine hygiene products are exempt from state sales tax in nine states and five states have no sales tax. As a community activist, Adele has personally made it her passion to educate and advocate on this issue and even testified before the Georgia House and Ways Committee the following week regarding HB-731.


In addition, Rep. Debbie Buckner, D-Junction City, presented to SPAC representatives the history of the bill and the process she had gone through to sponsor the bill.  During lunch, the various SPAC representatives had the opportunity to speak with their legislators individually and many SPAC representatives shared their support for HB-731 – Feminine Hygiene Sales Tax Exemption.  

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