Georgia STOMP: Stop Tax On Menstrual Products

Welcome to Georgia STOMP! We are a grassroots volunteer coalition of organizations formed to address the issues of menstrual equity and period poverty in Georgia. First and foremost: we are here to eliminate the 4% state sales tax Georgians are charged on the medically necessary, unavoidable items they need to manage their periods with dignity.

What’s up with the sales tax on menstrual hygiene products?

Georgia STOMP seeks to eliminate the Georgia state sales tax on menstrual products, a tax that is borne primarily by women, who are already economically disadvantaged in our state.

Menstrual products are a medical necessity. These items should have been included in the exemptions given at the time groceries and prescriptions were exempted, and Georgia STOMP seeks to remedy that oversight.

#MenstrualEquity and the fight to #EndPeriodPoverty

Georgia STOMP isn’t stopping the conversation with this unfair tax. We are working together to talk about what the fight to end period poverty looks like in our state. Our coalition includes people and organizations which solve problems on a daily basis that affect menstrual equity, like ensuring Georgians have access to the menstrual products they need no matter where they are or what their situation is.